Don’t wake the kid up
Won’t make a fuss
I promise
It’ll be silent this time
Like a lonely ride
Or a bug trying to hide
The door in between
Nowhere else to be
Than the darkness out there
Of an endless night
No-one’s out tonight
Just clouds and moonlight

And I know around the next bend
I’ll be lonesome again

I could draw your face right now
The dots, the lips, the cuts
For no-one else to see but me
And the beauty…
Like a plane-scratched sky
Or stains of sunlight
The breeze it kind of stirs
The trees they kind of hurt
On a rooftop a row of birds
Wait silently
As if they all agreed
There’s a better place to be

They already see that around the next bend
I’ll be lonesome again


from I dig for gold, released December 1, 2008
written by a Singer of Songs




a Singer of Songs Barcelona

a Singer of Songs' music has been compared to snowflakes falling in slow motion. To a blanket on a cold night and dogs howling into the night. Somebody called their album the soundtrack to a loser's life. The band thinks that's the biggest compliment they ever got.
But yeah, you probably want some useful information. Well, they live in Barcelona and they sing songs. That's about it.
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