A tiny light
Across the street
It’s not my kind
They’re not my breed
So I turn around
Mirror glass staring at me
Tonight all is off
It’s all a cry
My silent sigh
Like fuel for fire
The moon is rock
But it sure don’t feel that way
Slow motion day
Slow motion day

Tonight I’d hide
Behind your back
And then howl
Like a dog into the black

It’s easy enough
To feel at a loss
A coward’s hands
On a hero’s cross
It’s off again
But I’m ready to go
And be a better man
A better man

Tonight I’d ride
Into the woods
Then I’d lie down
But stand I should
Stand I should

Oh you and me running away
Oh you and me in slow motion today
Oh you and me in slow motion today





a Singer of Songs Barcelona

a Singer of Songs' music has been compared to snowflakes falling in slow motion. To a blanket on a cold night and dogs howling into the night. Somebody called their album the soundtrack to a loser's life. The band thinks that's the biggest compliment they ever got.
But yeah, you probably want some useful information. Well, they live in Barcelona and they sing songs. That's about it.
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