A pleasant afternoon

from by a Singer of Songs



It's kind of nice on this floor
The things that we see
Are the things they ignore
All the feet shuffling by
The shade in your eyes
When your head's close to mine
And I kind of lost track
Of the cigarettes we've smoked
And the times that we've laughed
The day rolls by
There's no cure for time
But I think we just tried
We tried
We tried...

The sun closes in
The buildings go red
I feel salt on my skin
A pleasant afternoon
Turns into night
Like a goodbye that's too soon
There's a train waiting for you
A destiny calls
The last cigarette falls
Still the feet shuffling by
The shade in your eyes
Is no different than mine
Than mine
Than mine...

Now I stand on my own
I picture a world
Where this square is my home
It was nice on this floor
‘Cause the beauty we saw
Is the pain they ignore
The pain they ignore
The pain they ignore...


from I dig for gold, released December 1, 2008
written by a Singer of Songs




a Singer of Songs Barcelona

a Singer of Songs' music has been compared to snowflakes falling in slow motion. To a blanket on a cold night and dogs howling into the night. Somebody called their album the soundtrack to a loser's life. The band thinks that's the biggest compliment they ever got.
But yeah, you probably want some useful information. Well, they live in Barcelona and they sing songs. That's about it.
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